A Businessman Striving for Identity Security

Albert Karaziwan is an entrepreneur who has been able to conquer the entire world through his strengths of ambition and perseverance. Having invested in many sectors before creating his company, he helped develop biometric systems in continents like Africa. Here is an overview of this family man and seasoned professional.

A Journey of Successes

Albert Karaziwan was born in Aleppo, Syria on August 9, 1958. He moved to Brussels in the 1980s to pursue his studies. Bright and willing to learn, this student quickly stood out from the others because of his pugnacity.

This family and career man, passionate about new technologies, settled permanently in Brussels, where he first invested in many fields like real estate. It was with his company Semlex, founded in 1992, that he took a leap to become a world leader. He then embraced the new project to provide comprehensive biometric systems, from analysis and creation of the project to system delivery.

A Passionate Professional

Albert Karaziwan is above all a businessman enthusiastic about by the world of new digital advances. He also invests in many companies. For example, he is a shareholder in Parcomatic, a company specialized in parking lot security. Additionally, he is also a shareholder in Profabel, a company providing building security solutions. He is also a member of Proginov’s Board of Directors, a company specializing in the manufacture of business management software. Lastly, he is involved in the real estate sector with Leinon Synergie with a focus to restore historical monuments.
His position as a business leader doesn’t keep him from being involved in community activities. He is a member of “Optimists Without Borders” and sits on the Board of Directors. This organization’s role is to share and promote the values of optimism throughout the entire world. In this sense, it has a prominent place since it shares his founding values, which are ambition and perseverance. It is certainly because of his optimism that this business leader has managed to flourish professionally while leading an internationally successful company, not to mention his personal projects, which he tackles head-on.

Semlex Group : A Compagny With International Influence

Albert Karaziwan is the company’s CEO and is recognized around the world today for his increasingly more inventive solutions. His company, headquartered in Belgium, specializes in the manufacture of biometric identification solutions for countries in Europe, Latin America and more recently the African continent.
Providing his customers with databases designed using facial features as well as individual fingerprints, the company has made fundamental progress in the sector of advanced digital technology since its creation.

A Company With Security as a Value

This company’s leitmotiv includes fundamental values like security for governments and their citizens. Today it provides an ever-growing number of countries with official identification documents like passports, visas, driver’s licenses and even work permits.

These documents, fully secure and reliable, enable citizens to more easily circulate and travel which greatly facilitates their everyday lives.

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Its latest advance to date is undoubtedly the establishment of a biometric system in Africa, within the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa as well as in Mozambique and Madagascar.

This development involves five African states in particular, which are Chad, Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon and the Central African Republic.

This is a major breakthrough with many beneficiaries.

A Company Known and Recognized Around the World

The company specializes in biometric and identification security expertise, and is today the most recognized in its sector, making it a key player in the market.

For many, this success is due to Albert Karaziwan, the founder of this ambitious company. This professional emeritus managed to get his company ISO 9001 certified, a sign of quality and reliability. The company operates in his favorite field and is largely hailed, while he is congratulated for his achievements.

Innovative, Semlex has been able to ensure that countries hitherto deprived of biometric solutions can benefit from fully adapted systems, so that they can have secure official documents as well as other increasingly more innovative identification and authentication systems.

Not to mention that these techniques are designed in strict compliance with global regulations, including those of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Le Biometric Network System : An Innovative System

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The Biometric Network System, or “BNS”, brands a particularly remarkable advance in the sector of advanced identification technologies. This system is used to help identify the population, thanks to particularly ingenious systems. Around the world there is now a growing number of individuals with access to official identification documents that can benefit from security guarantees developed by the company.

This comprehensive solution is intended to build an integral and central biometric identification system. The BNS is synonymous with significant change, both in Europe as in Africa and involves many people. The objective is undoubtedly a constant improvement of the existing and a focus on innovation, without forgetting the security objectives, of course.

Thanks to the Biometric Network System, authorities in many countries and their governments are able to provide secure, reliable official documents. This ingenious technology is on all accounts the most advanced in its sector.

A Man Committed to Fighting Identity Fraud

Through his company, the businessman has greatly expanded his expertise in the fight against identity fraud. This is what helped him become the world leader in the sector of biometric identification systems for citizens and national governments. This is also what helped him propel his company to the ranks of the most successful companies in biometric systems creation.

As a business leader, Albert Karaziwan also regularly attends assemblies and official meetings like Interpol’s general assemblies, as well as the International Organization of Police Cooperation.

In his professional career he works with different players to fight against organized crime, such as governments and chiefs of police from the member countries. They meet once per year to find appropriate solutions to counter the cyber-fraud phenomenon.

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An Exemplary Professional Career

Albert Karaziwan’s professional career has been marked with dazzling successes. In fact, over the years he gradually focused on and specialized in the field of security techniques development. An example of this spirit of innovation is the fingerprint identification system.
This system works to combine biometrics with the use of a chip card. This technique helps prevent the falsification of biometric systems and provides users with even more security.

Albert Karaziwan : his work in the Comoros Archipelago

 The Comoros Islands are an archipelago off the East coast of Africa. Here the population has benefited from his company’s services. Furthermore through Semlex, he provides to every citizen the benefit of having access to fully secure official documents .

This entrepreneur is very involved in improving access to crucial technology to populations around the world. In the Comoros, Semlex helped install a drinking water station in 2014. This significant advance was a gift from the company, and was followed by a ceremony to honor the company in the presence of many important people, including Albert Karaziwan himself.

Today Albert Karaziwan is an accomplished man from both a professional and personal perspective. His ambition created fertile ground for his many innovations. His entrepreneurial spirit and his thirst for knowledge have made him the undisputed leader in the field of new digital advances.

He is at the helm of many companies doing business in Europe, Latin America and in Africa and is an important decision-maker. He is involved in many committees and attends official meetings. He never loses sight of his commitments and the values that made him into the person he is today.